Corrine’s Reflection of this movie: (No spoiler, so don’t worry!)

If a caveman lived till present day (upwards of 14,000 years), how do you think he looks like? What would you ask him? And what if that caveman turned out to be a major religious figure in history, would you start to question our beliefs and wonder if we really know anything? ‘The Man From Earth’ is a thought-provoker and really can lead us to think deeply about the world and everything that we’ve learnt. It’s really not how long you live but to realise who you really are!
One thing that the film does brilliantly is to just simply go back to the oldest ways of telling stories. It is really worth our time to think…A LOT. It doesn’t have Hollywood’s budget and it’s pretty much no actions, only conversation, amazing ones. I would say 90… no… 99% of this movie takes place in a small cabin, yet it’s a good one! I hooked on the film from the start till finish!

🔠 Vocabulary & Phrase

  • spoiler: information that you are given about what is going to happen in a film, television series, etc. before it is shown to the public (ネタバレなし)
  • caveman: a person who lived in a cave thousands of years ago
  • provoker: someone or something that cause a particular reaction or have a particular effect
  • hooked (on something) (informal): enjoying something very much, so that you want to do it, see it, etc. as much as possible

If you find this movie interesting, you can also watch it on their official website. (Click here)

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