Writing can improve your vocabulary and grammar. It also help you become a better reader and help express yourself clearly in English. After learning English in EWC for a while, let’s see how and what students can write in English to talk about themselves now!

Nicole (A1升到B1學員, 學習時間3.5年)

Discussing a deep question with my English teacher:How do you plan something in your life?

First, we talk about the meaning of planning something in advance. A plan is like a map, it lets us know our start point, the goal, and the next step of how we can do. And we can definitely change it anytime.

Then, Corrine shared that she learnt a theory from a tour guide, who thinks everyday is the first day of life, and we can try and experience everything everyday. Actually Corrine was a person used to planning her life, but now she can accept that not everything follows her plan and she chooses to go with the flow. It makes me think about the sentence in the article Kat shared on Instagram, “A plan is an ideal path for people to refer to.” So, we don’t need to be harsh to ourselves even if we can’t follow our plan perfectly.

After that, we discussed how to plan our lives or how to decide what the most important thing is in our lives. Maybe we should ask what we really want to do at the moment. Many people want to achieve their goals quickly, but the fact is there is no short cut and we need to spend time to practise, to do, and till we gain and grow. Also we need to spend time to keep the things we gained from. So, everything is a choice. Take it easy and accept we need time to achieve anything.

In short, I believe that a traveller, Iris, shared, “You are what you repeatedly do.”

No matter if we plan or not, the most important thing is what we actually do.

Jimmy (A1升到B2學員, 學習時間3年)

I am not shy or shame to share my story for what happened this year.

I am a traveller, a dreamer and now soon to be a father. I love what I do but it’s not always easy. I think people are quite the same that struggling in different problems in life.

2 months ago, I found I am going to be a father. But to be honest, I don’t even know how to be responsible for myself, how can I be responsible for my girlfriend and this new life. I still want to do lots of things and have lots of dreams. So the first feeling I had that time wasn’t happy but panic.

But after talking with Corrine, I think it’s very helpful that I can finally say I am ready to be a dad! Here is my conclusion : I need to be responsible for what I’ve chosen. “Be a man!” said Corrine. This was the first thing she told me after finding out I was panic and worried about this kid. She said there are a lot of people want kids but not able to have one in their lives. Just like some people never have a chance to go travelling because of many different reasons. And I chose to take the risk to make my girlfriend pregnant, so I have to take the responsibility just like the traveller I define myself. Once I travel to a place, I need to be responsible for what I’ve chosen to do or eat or meet there in the new place. I always feel exciting and delighted to a new challenge when travelling. Thus, if I see this as a journey in life, maybe I will know what to do.

Being as a dreamer, I definitely know how to plan for the future. So, my life with my girlfriend is going to be different. I was childish and coward at the first place, but now I just want to say thank you to my girlfriend and my future wife that she always support my dream of being an artist. We went to so many countries and I am glad the person beside me is her. So making 2 of my favorite characters together, I am ready for this kid.

I also want to thank Corrine for always listening to my stories and she’s not only an English teacher for me but she’s my kid’s godmother. (Of course if she wants to be)

Candy (A1升到A2學員,學習時間6個月)

What do you like about your job? I’ve been thinking about this question for 2 years now but I don’t know. I still don’t know. At first, I just wanted to get a job like everyone else does. But then I found I am not happy.

I go to work at 7 am from Monday to Friday. I work overtime most of the workdays. I spend too much time on gossiping and chatting with my friends. Talking rubbish with friends is something I find that can help me relief my stress from work. But unluckily, I don’t have time for myself. I even can’t settle a time for learning English. I feel stressed everyday and I know I need to make a change.

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