A week with Corrine.

Three days before testing positive for COVID, I hadn’t been out for two days, but I experienced some symptoms like a sore throat. As a teacher, it’s quite common for me. I also did a rapid test at home, which came back negative, so I felt comfortable going out with my friend the next day.

Two days before testing positive for COVID, I went out with my friend. I felt a bit tired that day, attributing it to the cold, as suggested by the doctor. We had lunch and dinner together, and after returning home, showering, I felt pretty fine.

One day before testing positive for COVID, I did the rapid test again to ensure I was fine. Then, I went to the gym for a two-hour workout. Later, I visited a clinic for a check-up, and the doctor suggested it was probably laryngitis. I wanted to be certain that it wasn’t COVID but an ongoing throat issue.

The day I believe I contracted COVID, I woke up with night sweats and soaked sheets. Since then, I’ve had a blocked nose, severe throat pain, and difficulty talking. I canceled some classes that day and rested at home, trusting what the doctor had told me.

The day I tested positive for COVID, I developed a scratchy throat, runny nose, and sneezed a few times. With fewer classes that day, I watched YouTube videos where Taiwanese YouTubers shared their COVID experiences. Realising I had almost every symptom they mentioned, I quickly did another rapid test, and Bingo! COVID got me! (Not really ‘got,’ considering I stay home quite often, but…)

Day 2 of testing positive for COVID, despite extreme tiredness, I called the health center to book a taxi for my PCR test at the hospital. After hours of trying, I finally got assistance and received a taxi an hour later. I waited at the hospital for 3 hours to complete the test, surrounded by people who seemed even sicker than me. I didn’t eat much that day due to the severe throat pain, making swallowing irritable and painful.

Day 3 of testing positive for COVID, I still had a scratchy throat, headache, coughing, physical fatigue, and found it challenging to do my usual activities, including checking messages on my phone. I experienced a little chest pain and found breathing a bit difficult on this day. I slept almost the entire day, recalling little of what I did. (Probably the worst and best day in 10 years — getting to sleep for more than 18 hours but feeling unwell at the same time.)

Day 4 of testing positive for COVID, as I write this in front of my laptop, I am much better. However, I still have this lingering sore throat and headache. Recovery from COVID-19 varies for everyone, and some may even develop long COVID.”

 🔠 Vocabulary & Phrase

rapid test (n)- 快篩

Laryngitis (n)- 喉炎

night sweats (ph)-盜汗

blocked nose (ph)- 鼻塞

scratchy throat (ph)- 刺痛扎人的喉嚨(你們可以想像一下這種感覺)

irritable (adj)- 一般指很煩躁的, 但在此段的意思為很敏感易受刺激的

Corrine應該最不應該得到COVID的人, 但無論什麼原因得到了還是就坦然面對好好復原! 前幾天喝水就像在喝刀片一樣難受, 頭痛和頭暈目前都偶爾發生, 希望可以不要有Long COVID, 也希望腦袋不要變小= = 謝謝各位同學配合調整課程, 也希望各位同學能多多注意自己的身體健康!