We are going to learn 5 most important punctuation today. Full stop (period), comma, exclamation, colon, semicolon. (今天會介紹5個最重要的標點符號: 逗號, 句號, 驚嘆號, 冒號及分號)

We use punctuation marks to structure and organise our writing. It can help our English clearer and better organised. Thus, using punctuation correctly is something important when learning English. (我們使用標點符號來構建和組織我們的寫作。它可以幫助我們在使用英語上更清楚並更有條理。因此,正確使用標點符號在學習英語時是很重要的!)

The comma (逗號)

When making sentences, commas are the most common way to separate one list item from the next (ideas or elements). We can also use a comma for enclosing details. (連接兩樣或多樣東西或句子, 但並非無限制使用或像中文可以在一個句子中多次使用連接, 通常會跟隨連接詞; 我們也會使用逗號來進行更多補充, 像是同謂語的用法)
※ 英文的兩個句子之間並非逗號就可以直接連接! 還是需要連接詞的喔!

I learn grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structures in my English class.

When I talked to Emily, Amber wasn’t there. (>>> Amber wasn’t there when I talked to Emily.)

My student, Lily, likes to go scuba diving. (同謂語)

The full stop (句號)

The full stop (known as a period in American English) is the easiest of the punctuation marks to use. You use it to cut the sentences to the required length. (英美式講法不一樣, 但卻是最簡單使用的標點符號, 主要讓一個句子或一小段落結束)

There is no vaccine against HIV infection.

That number remains relatively stable throughout life, a fact that has contributed to the long-held belief that the brain is fixed, or hard-wired, particularly post adolescence.

The exclamation mark (驚嘆號)

Exclamation mark can be used for professional or everyday writings. Expressing astonishment or surprise, even humourous or ironic situations. (用於驚訝或感嘆的語句之後, 有時可以用在諷刺或耍幽默的詞語之後)

That’s insane!

That was brilliant! (when someone has done something stupid)

The colon (冒號)

The colon expands on the sentence that introduce a list that demonstrates or elaborates whatever was previously stated. It’s also used to divide the hour from the minutes in writing a time. (冒號用於對後面內容的介紹或解釋及時間的標註)

Tim had one big fault: an enormous ego.

I always have English class at 8:30 p.m..

The semicolon (分號)

Semicolons can be used to join phrases and sentences that are thematically linked without using a conjunction. Semicolons can also be used before conjunctive adverbs like however, therefore, thus, etc. (分號用於分隔兩個相等的片語或子句, 使用分號可以省略連接詞並讓兩個句子有更好的連結及關聯性, 亦可使用在連接複詞之前)

I like your sister ; she’s a good friend.

I have had three meals already ; however, I still feel hungry.

Reference: https://www.ef.com/wwen/english-resources/english-grammar/punctuation/